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Dearest Science Teachers near Pennsylvania, 

Here is an exceptional gathering of Penn State minds in the study of climate change in a free for-credit workshop for 7–12th grade teachers on January 30, 2015,

with the opportunity to bring their students to Penn State University Park campus for  PolarDay –   FridayMarch 20, 2015   –   
with school bus/van expenses paid for 
by The PolarCenter.

Register soon. Space is limited.


Warmest Regards, 

Penn State Science

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So, you may remember that a while ago (as in a month or two) I put up posts to find approximate representation of each Hogwarts house on Tumblr. And I promised to show you guys my findings. And I took so long because I’m an excellent procrastinator.

First off, a huge thanks to the tens of thousands of you who helped, your contribution exceeded my wildest expectations. You guys are awesome.

To business.

When I was checking websites, I had a starting theory of what I thought I would find. I assumed Gryffindor would be the most popular house, because it’s the one Rowling favours, and where most popular characters are. My assumption was that this would be mainly at the cost of Slytherin, where all the baddies in the books  go, and a little bit of Hufflepuff, as the books don’t seem to acknowledge the House very much. I figured those groups would be roughly equal everywhere.

I was wrong.

First off, my control group. Pottermore. A good control group, because most people go there, and everyone is sorted in the smae manner, which gives the most accurate total results. Here’s what they had:

Roughly what I figured. Gryffindor the biggest house but not by much. I was surprised that Ravenclaw waand-story website. s the smallest house, but it’s not by much. Result: all four houses are roughly the same size. The percentages here are out of some six million people, so they’re pretty darn accurate.a

Tumblr gave me a shock. Slytherin and Ravenclaw each dominated almost a third of the population. Hufflepuff was more or less statistically accurate with 25.2 percent. But Gryffindor. Gryffindor has incredibly little representation on Tumblr. I was impressed. Btw, this is out of some 60k people (again, thanks you so much), so I’d say it’s fairly accurate too.

I figured there were a couple of possible reasons, but in the end the only one that held true when I compared to the control group, was that Gryffindors are simply less likely  to use tumblr. Well, that or Gryffindors hate reblogging.

Here are the results for a random medium sized page that I found called quibblo, which is basically a quiz-and-story-website.

This is from about 15k answers, and it’s the extreme of what I expected. Gryffindor is by far the biggest house, with Ravenclaw solidly in second place. Interestingly though, Hufflepuff is smaller than Slytherin, even if not by much.

I tried getting numbers from facebook. I looked for fanpages for eaach house, messaged a bunch of the big Harry potter fanpages, everything I could think of. Here’s what I got.

Facebook was not helpful.

Finally I looked at a website dedicated to discussing Harry Potter, a fansite, namely Mugglenet. Again, this didn’t work to well, since I couldn’t tease a response when I asked for help, but I did manage to scrounge some info.

Here we have Gryffindor as the smallest group again, which really surprised me for a specifically dedicated fanpage. I had no other explanation other than that Gryffindors aren’t as interested in those specific discussions, even though it’s an awesome podcast. You may have noticed that  Ravenclaw is huge here. My basic theory for that is that Keen minds + deep discussion = lots of Ravens.

Anyhow, this post is getting long, so I’ll stop there. Thank you once again each and every one of you that helped with reblogging and everything else. Many pizza and caught snitches.
Aradan out.